ClearWidth is dedicated to solving complex network problems with simple, powerful, and cost-effective products and services built specifically for small to medium enterprises.  We offer solutions for two of the most challenging business problems today:

  • Business application performance: ensuring network bandwidth is allocated to mission-critical uses like VOIP and VPNs, rather than recreational sites.
  • Network attack protection: ensuring business continuity in the case of a DDoS attack.

ClearWidth delivers these high-value solutions by stripping back distribution channels to the bare minimum, making our products in the USA, and staying close to our customers. “Because the closer you are to ClearWidth, the closer we are to delivering solutions that fit your evolving needs.” Because we own our entire value chain from proprietary chip technology to unique equipment designs, we are able to break with traditional business models and offer sincere value at prices that reflect genuine economics. It also means we can design products that meet your future needs without costly upgrades or licensing agreements.

Our efforts to make network optimization and attack prevention easy, effective and affordable are embodied in our Optimizer and Protector products, and soon through a suite of revolutionary new services.

Cost-Effective Network Optimization and DDoS Protection

Now, you can easily, quickly, and affordably make sure your bandwidth is maximized for business applications like VoIP and Web-based business applications, rather than being taken up by YouTube, Pandora, and other recreational sites.

ClearWidth also offers a simple, powerful and affordable solution for protection against crippling denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The growing threat of DDoS attacks can bring your network to its knees.

All ClearWidth products are pre-configured for installation in minutes.

Highest Value Products by any Measure

At a fraction of the cost of the competition, no costly network engineering costs for setup, no additional costs as your company’s Internet bandwidth increases (up to 1 Gbps), and ultra-low energy consumption, ClearWidth provides the highest-value products in the business.

Lowest Total Costs of Ownership

Optimizer and Protector are designed to make your buying decision easy.  Operating at gigabit speed with no performance loss, no licenses fees, ultra low energy consumption and minimal need for IT support, ClearWidth delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Unique, Patented Technology for Superior Performance

Multi-patented network data packet processing technology enables ClearWidth’s product to deliver amazing performance, with zero performance degradation.  This is true regardless of packet size, traffic type, or configuration – up to 1 Gbps – in a single, affordable device.

Field Proven

ClearWidth’s products are field-proven. Thousands of ClearWidth devices have been deployed worldwide, enabling hundreds of organizations and service providers to keep their networks running at peak efficiency.

Made in the USA

ClearWidth products are proudly designed, developed and manufactured in California's Silicon Valley and are available direct, as well as through a worldwide network of channel partners, VARs, and OEMs.


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