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Welcome to ClearWidth

Our name, “ClearWidth,” derived from “clarity” and “bandwidth” - defines our commitment to solving the most critical issue facing IT today – clear and secure bandwidth.

The enterprise network and internet connectivity have become the lifeblood of today’s business and at the same time, virtually every company has experienced network slowdowns and outages that threaten their performance. It’s not surprising that networks are struggling to accommodate today’s needs, though. Recreational traffic on corporate networks, cloud-based applications, and employee-owned devices often threaten crucial business applications.

The result? Network visibility and optimization have become business imperatives for every size company.

With this need for clear bandwidth comes vulnerability, the most severe and disruptive of which is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Already used as a tool for extortion around the world, many speculate that it will soon become a terrorist tactic as well. This is why anti-DDoS capability is at the heart of our attack prevention solution.

At ClearWidth our mission is simple: deliver network visibility, optimization and attack prevention capabilities that are powerful, affordable and easy to manage and deploy.

Our appliances—and soon, a managed service—scale to gigabit speeds without losing performance, providing critical performance and protection for medium and small enterprises. And, because we own 100% of our technology right down to our multi-patented TruPerform chip, we can deliver our solutions at lower prices than anyone else.

Our obsession is in delivering a superior user experience, and nowhere is this more visible than in our commitment to ease of use. Plug in our appliance, set two IP addresses, and begin optimizing and protecting. We’ve gotten the network out of the way of doing business.

It’s our vision to be the first and best choice for our global customers, employees and investors. We make and meet commitments. We perform with integrity. We are a top partner in delivering high value networking solutions. I am honored to lead this company and excited about our shared future. ClearWidth is committed to putting our customers first and being their best partner for network optimization and security services.


Gigafin Optimization Solutions
Luke Dallafior

President & CEO

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