TruPerform™ Technology

Most other networking products use the same general-purpose microprocessors used in PCs, tablets, and phones. Unfortunately, these microprocessors weren’t designed specifically for network needs.

Unique Technology, Extreme Performance

Clearwidth is different. All ClearWidth products are powered by unique technology, not available in any other networking products. Designed by experienced network and semiconductor professionals, TruPerform delivers unparalleled performance and cost advantages – 15 times the price-to-performance than similar performing-products.

Purpose-Built for Networking

TruPerform is designed from the ground up to do the single-most important task network appliances need: process data packets. TruPerform’s 16-cores of patented hardware-based packet processors read every incoming packet, processes them in parallel, classifies their type, then forwards or drops the packet based on configured policies. The result is a device that processes network packets like no other.

No Performance Degradation, Extreme Efficiency

TruPerform means that our products deliver the same high performance at all packet sizes, configuration loads, and bandwidths, all while consuming only a fraction of the amount of power as general-purpose microprocessors—15 Watts versus up to 800 Watts for similarly performing products.

Inherent Scalability

TruPerform technology delivers Gigabit performance at Megabit prices, and it’s not artificially “throttled” for lower bandwidth. Once you’ve installed a TruPerform-equipped device, it’s ready for you to upgrade your network connection from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps and on to 1000 Mbps, without any software or hardware changes—or hidden costs.


Product Line Highlights

  • Gigabit speed
  • Megabit price
  • No hardware upgrades
  • Use at WAN and in LAN
  • Zero performance loss
  • Installs in minutes
  • Simple configuration
  • Unlimited users
  • Small form factor
  • RJ45 and SFP versions
  • Uses just 15 Watts

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