ClearWidth Protector guards your network against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks which can take down your web presence, break critical web applications, and cripple VPNs. Robust DDoS protection can only be achieved with dedicated detection and mitigation platforms, key components of Clearwidth Protector.

The First Affordable, High Performance DDoS Appliance

Protector is a breakthrough. Until now, high-performance security came at a high price. Now, you can have seamless DDoS protection, with networks up to 1Gbps, for a fraction of the cost of previous products. Our platform analyzes incoming network traffic behavior and automatically mitigates DDoS attacks before they infiltrate your network.

Easy to Set Up and Use

It takes only minutes to set up Protector and get the security you need. Every part of the configuration is done with an easy-to-use web interface.

Complete DDoS Attack Prevention

ClearWidth provides comprehensive protection against a full range of the most devastating DDoS attacks.  Our goal is to prevent network attacks that can potentially overwhelm your networks and staff.

Attack Reconnaissance Deterrence
  • IP Option Anomalies
  • TCP Control Bit Anomalies
  • ICMP Anomalies
Network Attacks
  • Popular-Attack Mitigation
  • Protocol Rate-Limit Control
DoS and DDoS Attack Identification & Mitigation
  • SYN, FIN, ICMP, UDP, Floods
  • Session, TCP Reject Floods
Trojan Horse Attack Identification & Mitigation
SYN Flood Mitigation

Ensures Business Continuity

You can’t afford to have your online presence compromised, or your web apps brought to their knees—your productivity and profitability depend on it. With the alarming increase in DDoS attacks, Protector is an inexpensive insurance policy against downtime and revenue loss.


DDoS Attack Prevention
DoS, DDoS and Trojan Horse Attack and Protection
Attack Reconnaissance Deterrence
Protocol Anomaly Detection and Mitigation
SYN, FIN, ICMP, DHCP, Session Flood Limiting
TCP Fragment Reassembly
Source/Destination Address Traffic Threshold
Connection Rate Thresholds
Configurable Aggressive Aging
Reverse Route Lookup
Deep Packet Inspection
Layer 7 Payload Data Inspection
Pre-Defined Application Protocol Signatures
Custom Signatures (Run-Time Configurable):
  Port, Port-Range Matching
  Pattern Matching (Hex, ASCII)
  Boolean Operation
Stateful Packet Inspection
Access Control Lists
  Port, protocol, IP address, user
Security zones
Policy management
Network Placement
At the network edge:
  In front of Internet access router
  Behind Internet access router
Inside the LAN:
  Behind any switch
Deployment Modes
Passive (One-Arm) Monitoring
Operating Modes
Transparent (Layer 2)
Route, NAT (Layer 3)
Network Address Translation (NAT)
VLANs (802.1q)
Static and Dynamic Routing
DHCP Relay
Command Line Interface (CLI):
  Serial, SSH, Telnet
Browser User Interface (GUI):

Protector Highlights

  • Integrated network security
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Attack reconnaissance
  • Detection and monitoring
  • Gigabit firewall
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