ClearWidth Visualizer allows you to see where your network bandwidth is being used.

Fast Installation, Instant Results

By configuring just a single IP address, Visualizer is installed in minutes. This appliance instantly identifies and monitors applications and users that are “bandwidth hogs.” From there, you can use your existing bandwidth management solution to manage your network and ensure your bandwidth is ready for your business-critical applications. All management is done via an easy-to-use, browser-based interface.

No Special IT Environment Required

Designed with a small footprint to accommodate any location, our appliances are unobtrusive, quiet, and with only 15 Watts of power consumption produce very little heat. The Visualizer is a device you can place virtually anywhere.

Critical for Today's Organizations

Your network is stressed more than ever. VoIP, Business Video, employee smartphones and tablets, and cloud services overtax your network, causing slowdowns and glitches that interfere with your business. Visualizer allows you to identify all these new stresses, allowing you to use your existing bandwidth management solution to reserve bandwidth for VoIP, remote business applications and cloud services, and restricting it to corporate-authorized devices.

Ready for Your Future

Other network visibility products charge you when your bandwidth or number of users increases. Visualizer is a one-time purchase that scales to any network, from T1 to 1Gbps lines.


Introduces Visibility into Networks
Offloads Performance-Starved Routers and Switches
Works with Existing Network Infrastructure
Reduces Network Costs
Simplifies Network Operations
Identify and Address Bandwidth Abuse
Maintain Network Peak Performance
Key Features
Gigabit Performance at Megabit Prices
No Hidden Equipment Costs
No Performance Degradation - Ever
Use at the WAN and in the LAN
Fully-Operational in Minutes
Industry's First Green Solution

Visualizer Highlights

  • Network visibility
  • Top Talker monitoring
  • Industry-standard NetFlow
  • Offloads routers/switches
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