Attack Prevention


Attack Prevention

Gigafin Security Solutions

You’re at Risk

Open any newspaper and you'll read about the latest network attack on governments, agencies, media outlets and companies. You may think you’re immune, but the reality is that DDoS and botnet attacks on medium and small enterprises are more common than ever.  All it takes is a disgruntled ex-employee or an irritated competitor to take your network down.

Don’t think your firewall will protect you either. As DDoS attacks increase in sophistication and severity, DDoS protection can only be achieved with dedicated detection and mitigation platforms. This is why ClearWidth built Protector—a dedicated device solely for providing the best defense against DDoS attacks.

The ClearWidth Solution

Gigafin ProtectorTM is the industry’s first affordable, high-performance network security appliance that delivers DDoS attack protection, secure network access and network visibility in a single, easy-to-use solution.  Operating at Gigabit speed, Protector analyzes incoming network traffic behavior and automatically mitigates DDoS attacks before they infiltrate your network. 

Protector uses patented technology to address the needs of networks that are challenged by the complexity of current attack protection solutions. Protector scales up to Gigabit speeds—no constant hardware upgrades required. Smaller organizations can now protect against today’s alarming rate of network downtime, revenue loss and reduced employee productivity.

Protector is also ideal for service providers seeking a premise-based solution and, as the most energy efficient appliance in its class, Protector is also ideal for data center deployment.

Protector Highlights

  • Integrated network security
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Attack reconnaissance
  • Detection and monitoring
  • Gigabit firewall
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