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Controlling Voluminous Network Traffic

Schools and colleges face unique networking challenges. Access to online information is at the core of their mission—which makes schools leaders in using networking technology. Growing network traffic makes it harder than ever to deliver on that mission.

While schools are at the head of the class in network capabilities, students, administrators and researchers alike excel in stressing those networks. Legitimate educational uses, streaming video, online gaming, peer-to-peer traffic and social networking sites all share network resource. The result is less bandwidth for much needed online learning, testing and critical student information applications like PowerSchool, GradeBook and SASI (Schools Administrative Student Information).

The growth in both legitimate and recreational uses, and the misuse of network bandwidth, threaten the network’s core mission. ClearWidth gives schools, universities and institutions a new way to meet these challenges. Our purpose-built appliances enable network administrators to monitor and control network traffic, ensuring needed performance for critical applications.

The ClearWidth Solution

ClearWidth OptimizerTM delivers in-depth network visibility, policy compliance and application priority. These features let you translate priorities into traffic shaping policies—optimizing bandwidth for mission-critical applications and limiting undesirable network traffic.

What’s more, ClearWidth Optimizer’s cost-effective price means you can deploy it at multiple points and in front of existing network equipment. The bottom line is maximum productive network use.

Find out more about how ClearWidth appliances can secure and optimize your internal network.


Case Study
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Case Study
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