Peak Performance and Availability

Today, entertainment companies of all sizes are experiencing a variety of bandwidth and application performance challenges. For content providers, it’s the ability to support multi-hundred Megabit – or even Gigabit – Internet access. For online gaming sites, ultra-low latency delivery of content is critical.  And film editing and production companies require large amounts of bandwidth at key points in the production process to move video traffic.  The common denominator is the ability to see and manage bandwidth for critical data.

Adding to the bandwidth challenge is the potential for a network attack as a result of their high public visibility. An attack on these businesses can bring devastating economic impact. An attack on a gaming site for example, is more than a halt to company productivity – it’s a halt to revenue.

The ClearWidth Solution

A combined Optimizer and Protector solution can not only provide critical control over company bandwidth right now to individual users, it can deter and protect against devastating network attacks.  ClearWidth products are priced to enable any size entertainment company to implement network visibility, optimization and network attack protection affordably. ClearWidth patented zero-loss performance operation results in sustained Gigabit performance – independent of device configuration or traffic types that slow other appliances down, like video. Resulting ultra low-latency operation means ping times are minimized. Integrated hardware bypass maintains full network availability should power outages or device failure occurs and comprehensive network attack protection monitors, identifies and prevents attacks before they occur. We keep entertainment content flowing and the network safe from debilitating attacks.

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