Budget Cuts and the Growing Threat of Network Attacks

Government agencies face decreasing budgets and increasing dependency on the Internet. Most government IT departments want network optimization in order to extract more use out of existing infrastructure.  However, the costs are too prohibitive due to an overwhelming amount of features and complexity in installation and configuration.

Adding to budget constraints is the explosive growth of network reconnaissance and resulting attacks on government entities. It all starts with malicious probing of vulnerable networks. Once a vulnerability is identified, it can be a matter of hours until a full-scale network attack is launched. Internet access routers are instantly overwhelmed and all traffic in and out of the network comes to a grinding halt. Without a solution, productivity halts as well.

The ClearWidth Solution

ClearWidth’s OptimizerTM' is an ideal solution for government agencies and offices to control and manage critical bandwidth.  Policies can be established for departments, groups or individuals and our easy-to-use management console takes the complexity out of configuration.  

In response to network reconnaissance and attack threats ClearWidth ProtectorTM has been designed to prevent attacks before they occur utilizing it's comprehensive and patented attack defense system. Reconnaissance deterrence identifies attackers’ probes and responds back to them that there are no vulnerabilities for each of the probes. Rather than waiting for denial of service (DoS/DDoS), Trojan Horse and protocol flood attacks to occur, all Protector defense systems are activated automatically.  There is no need to become an expert in network security.

Furthermore, Protector provides critical attack information that can be relayed to your service provider or ISP who can then address the problem at the source more quickly and efficiently.  Our solution is designed to mitigate most network DDoS attacks and Protector's intuitive device configuration and management system eliminates complex network-speak.  Protector is affordable for any size company and eliminates the need for continuous hardware upgrades due to growing network access speeds. This means one low price for virtually any size network – whether a Megabit or a Gigabit.

Find out more about how Optimizer and Protector can help control and secure your internal network.


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