Gigafin Optimization Solutions

Document and Control Bandwidth Abuse

How is your network bandwidth being used? Are there bandwidth-intensive applications that threaten critical business functions? ClearWidth Optimizer allows organizations of all sizes to keep their networks running at peak efficiency by providing insight and control across the WAN and LAN.

ClearWidth Optimizer is designed to enhance the performance of your network by:

  • Monitoring and controlling network traffic
  • Blocking unwanted applications
  • Prioritizing bandwidth availability to ensure optimal performance
  • Eliminating non-valid traffic

ClearWidth Optimizer helps you maximize the value of your network without management complexity, performance degradation or infrastructure changes. What’s more, our appliances are priced so that you can deploy them at multiple points in the network for more granular management of your traffic.  

Manage Your Policies with Ease

ClearWidth provides a simple, intuitive user interface that is ideal for both system administrators and less technical users. With Optimizer, you can establish controls and set policies in minutes, streamlining the path to a higher performance network. Other solutions can overwhelm you with complexity—not Clearwidth. 

Optimizer Highlights

• Bandwidth management
• Network visibility
• Top Talker monitoring
• Industry-standard NetFlow
• Offloads routers/switches
• Installs in minutes
• Simple configuration
• Unlimited users
• Small form factor
• RJ45 and SFP versions
• Uses just 15 Watts

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