Service Providers


Service Providers

More Connected, More Attacks

Service provider is a common term that refers to application service providers, web hosting providers, Internet data centers and Internet service providers, among many others. The potential for financial gain, delivering a political statement or bragging rights are leading reasons for the increase in attacks on these types of service providers. In addition to attack traffic, the increase in peer-to-peer traffic, both legal and illegal, has resulted in more complex application delivery environments. This impacts the ability for service providers to deliver revenue generating services to their customers.

Service providers are putting in place new technologies to monitor network traffic, identify network bottlenecks and remediate against bandwidth abuse due to over use of peer-to-peer traffic and Denial-of-Service attacks. These products have been designed for low bandwidth perimeter deployments making them unlikely to support the speeds of the network infrastructure. While these solutions are available, they are cost prohibitive from deploying widely.

The ClearWidth Solution

Appliances from ClearWidth offer solutions for service providers by providing cost-effective Gigabit network analysis, traffic optimization and security solution at true Gigabit speeds and in the most compact form factor. ClearWidth appliances provide traffic management, monitoring and logging, access control and Denial-of-Service prevention. Service providers can translate their business priorities into traffic analysis policies that detect abnormal traffic bandwidth for mission-critical applications and limit unwanted/undesired traffic on the network. More significantly, with its cost-effective price point and low 15 Watt power consumption, ClearWidth appliances can be deployed at multiple points in the network or be deployed in front of existing network equipment for increased analysis, maximum protection and control of the network infrastructure.

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