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What Are Your Users Doing?

Watching YouTube, streaming from ESPN and Pandora, even downloading large files—that’s what they’re doing, every day in your office—at least some of them. You need to know who’s using your bandwidth, and how, before you can take steps to reserve it for critical business applications. ClearWidth allows you to quickly determine:

  • What types of traffic are entering and leaving your network
  • Which users, applications, sites, and protocols are using the most bandwidth
  • At what times peak usage occurs

Once you’ve used ClearWidth to Visualize your network usage, you can begin optimizing its performance.

Visualizing Your Network

ClearWidth’s products inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic and generate records that are aggregated, stored and displayed in easy-to-understand graphs and reports—providing you a fast and accurate way to see exactly how your network is being used. 

Using industry-standard NetFlow—without performance compromises—ClearWidth products provide the missing visibility that exists in most networks, allowing you to set policies based on your existing network needs to accommodate:

  • Third-party software vendors
  • Network equipment vendors
  • Commercial software, freeware and open source software

Enabling visibility in Optimizer takes moments—just configure two IP addresses: one for remote access and the other to point to a NetFlow collector. That’s all. Once operational, Optimizer begins exporting NetFlow records to the collector and begins building your network-usage baseline. Once a baseline is established, you can then:

  • Build your company’s network usage policy
  • Apply that policy using Optimizer's network optimization capability

The ClearWidth Difference 

ClearWidth provides a number of advantages over routers and other exporters:

  • Low cost: Gigabit performance at Megabit prices
  • Use at the WAN and in the LAN
  • 192,000 flow capacity for large networks
  • 16,000 flows/second rate for peak-traffic periods
  • Zero performance loss – regardless of traffic type and packet size

Visualizer Highlights

• Network visibility
• Top Talker monitoring
• Industry-standard NetFlow
• Offloads routers/switches

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