Why ClearWidth


Why ClearWidth

Your Network is Overloaded

Slow networks and dropped VOIP calls are all-too-common with employees spending their time on YouTube, Pandora and ESPN.com. Add cloud services and more network load from employee smartphones and tablets, and network performance will slow to a crawl.

The fact is, it only takes a handful of video or audio streams to clog typical networks. Even if you have a high bandwidth connection (100 Mbps and higher), the network of a company with only a few dozen employees can be brought to its knees.

ClearWidth’s OptimizerTM changes all of this. With Optimizer, you’ll know exactly where your bandwidth is being used—and you can reserve most or all of it for business-critical applications.

You Can’t Afford to be Down

Your company’s network, VPN and phone system aren’t niceties—they’re absolutely critical to your business. If they’re down, you're losing money. Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) can come from anywhere in the world, and cut off your online presence.

Don’t think you’re immune to DDoS attacks. All it takes is one disgruntled customer or former employee to launch an assault on your network.

Now, ClearWidth’s ProtectorTM identifies and protects you from DDoS attacks, allowing you to keep your network, VPN, and phone system up and running 24/7, for optimum business performance.

Future-Proof Purchase

Sure, there are other network optimization options out there—typically at up to 10X the cost, with additional hidden costs. Increase your bandwidth, and costs go up. Add more users and the cost goes up again. Expect your budget to be hit every time you make a reasonable change in your network.

Not with ClearWidth. Both Optimizer and Protector were designed to work seamlessly from 1.5Mbps T1 lines to 1Gbps fiber lines. This means you buy once, and Optimizer and Protector grow along with your needs—automatically, with no hidden costs. Best of all, our exclusive packet-processing technology ensures no performance degradation all the way up to 1 Gbps. Even the most costly solutions cannot claim this.

Easy Setup and Configuration

Other network optimization and protection products require certification, training or extensive user guide reading. ClearWidth is different. In just a few minutes, you can install and configure Optimizer and Protector and get the information you need to speed up or shield your network. Plus, everything’s controlled with a simple browser-based interface that allows easy remote monitoring and configuration.

High-Efficiency, Low-Power Consumption

Optimizer and Protector consume an amazingly low 15 watts of power – compared to 800 Watts for comparably performing products.  Less power also means less heat which allows you the flexibility to place our appliances into virtually any office enviornment regardless of cooling conditions.   Best of all, as the most energy efficient appliance in its class, ClearWidth products can pay for themselves from the energy cost savings alone.  

Proudly Made in the USA

All of our appliances are designed and manufactured in the USA.  For ClearWidth, this is more than just a slogan.  It represents a strong commitment to product quality, higher enviornmental standards, product and worker safety, and intellectual property protection.  By building our products and services locally we can design and develop in response to your needs quickly and efficiently.  

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are commited to your complete satisfaction - if you are not 100% satisfied with your ClearWidth products, simply send them back within 30 days and we will refund your money - no questions asked.

Product Line Highlights

  • Gigabit speed
  • Megabit price
  • No hardware upgrades
  • Use at WAN and in LAN
  • Zero performance loss
  • Installs in minutes
  • Simple configuration
  • Unlimited users
  • Small form factor
  • RJ45 and SFP versions
  • Uses just 15 Watts
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